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Our Products

We Do More, We Cost Less, We Are That Simple.

IMS Prime School

An 'ERP' based on S-a-a-S for school management with could technology to deliver unmatched performance and industry leading security.
This application covers all the needs of school with more than 180 power tools that are closely integrated in 35+ modules.

IMS Prime Institute

A 'S-a-a-s' based ERP solution for institutes on cloud technology to deliver superior performance and security.
We have 38+ modules to cover entire management process of any proportion.


Our 'S-a-a-S' based ERP for housing society management. It is a web-based application that can automate and regulate the management process of society form maintaining assets to collecting maintenance charges. All in one manager of society with no maintenance required by the owner.

Office Prime

This is our web-based human resource application. It is based on ‘S-a-a-S’ platform that can manage H.R related process from a small group of people to big chain of organizations.

Online Admission

"Too many students; not enough seats. Too many applications: not enough time. Too many requirements; not enough clarity."
These are the same words we hear day in day out during admission process. Parents and students on one side; institutes on the other have to bear it. This can be made a lot more efficient.
'onlineadmission.co' was created to change all this and make your lives easier. Our portal gives you all the information you need to select a college hassle free. Apply for your preferred institute from a place that is convenient to you.
"Its admissions simplified ! ! !"

Committed To Institutions, Committed To The Future.

Our Products

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    We are a group of engineers and business men who think and act as extension to our clients. A team of people who are not afraid to get creative when it comes to finding solutions to our clients.

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    At OESPL, our people have unrivaled experience and understanding of the needs in ERP sectors. Our development is driven by evolving market demand.

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    It is our goal and driving ambition to be a trusted partner of choice, delivering reliable solutions that create value for OESPL’s clients.

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